Blitz Report™ – World’s fastest reporting and data upload for Oracle EBS

Blitz Report is an Oracle Forms based software, fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. It enables your IT team to easily store and edit SQL scripts for reports, and to make them available to your business users. Blitz Report runs as a concurrent process and generates output files in XLSX or text delimited CSV format. … Read more

Revolving Scheme

Process Overview Description ICAR grants funds to institutes under Revolving Funds scheme.Funds are granted for a specific period (5 yrs) to institute with the objective of generating certain revenue from the project activity. These funds are used as seed capital and would be re-paid to ICAR in equal installments after completion term. Revolving Fund Schemes … Read more

Fund Disbursement and Receipt

Process Overview Description • ICAR receives funds from MoF/DARE and then releases funds to Institutes as per monthly expenditure plan (MEP) as approved by MoF.• These transactions in system will be captured as Journal Entry in GL as explained in accounting entries section.• Funds drawl from MoF/DARE: ICAR Bank A/c xxx DR ICAR. Grants in … Read more

Running other Plan Reports

Navigation • Annual Reports for grants and budgeting module shall be run through Report manager.• Report Manager Responsibility->Financial Report Submission. Screenshot • Once you click on Financial Report Submission, the following screen shall open.• Enter the Report Name which is “Non Plan Pre Budget Exercise Report”,• Enter the Period Name as ADJ MAR-13• In order … Read more

Procedure for Running Reports

Running various Plan Reports • For running various report, go to the navigator window.• Click on View and then Request. • Once you click on Request, the Find request window opens.• Click on Submit a New Request• Click on Single Request.• Click on OK • To run ICAR Fund Inquiry Report.• Enter the name of … Read more

Running Plan Post RE Report

Overview Once the data has been uploaded, you need to run Plan Post RE Report. Navigation Report manager Responsibility-> Financial Report Submission Screenshot Running Plan Post Report • Once you click on Financial Report Submission, the following screen opens• Enter the Report name, period as has been explained in above processes• Click on Segment Override … Read more

Annual Budgeting Exercise for Plan

Overview BE/RE Budget Exercise: • As part of annual budget exercise, Institute would prepare Funds requirement in form of RE budget for current year and BE Budget for next year.• Once BE budget gets finalized from MoF/ ICAR as explained in previous section after due reviews and ceiling confirmation, Budget Cell would freeze the BE … Read more