Business Process – Non Plan Budgeting Exercise (Estimating Revenue Targets)

Process Overview Description • Non Plan Budgeting Exercise start with estimating the Revenue Targets.• Revenue Targets will be decided by the Institutes in the year beginning itself.• The Institutes will decide about the revenue receipt items, the revenue targets for the year, the revised targets for the year.• The Institute will decide the revenue targets … Read more

Business Process – EFC Budget Upload

Process Overview Diagram Process Overview Description • Since EFC is very comprehensive document prepared for Planned Project Activities where in details of projects/ schemes are captured along with listing of activities that would be undertaken, various research and subjective information along with Budgetary Estimates for 5 Years with year wise break up. Expenditure Finance Committees … Read more

Business Process – EFC Item Listing Process

Process overview diagram Process overview • EFC Listing process has been designed in the system where the approved EFC List will be entered.• Against the approved EFC List, items will be procured during the EFC Period.• EFC Linkage with procurement process has been established at Requisition and PO Creation Level• Item categories captured at Purchase … Read more