Business Process – EFC Budget Upload

Process Overview Diagram

Process Overview Diagram

Process Overview Description

• Since EFC is very comprehensive document prepared for Planned Project Activities where in details of projects/ schemes are captured along with listing of activities that would be undertaken, various research and subjective information along with Budgetary Estimates for 5 Years with year wise break up. Expenditure Finance Committees (EFC) is prepared at the institute level and Scheme Level and then consolidated at Scheme/ Institute Level, Sector Level.
• Provision has been made in the system to capture EFC Budget with five years complete break up
• Institute would upload budget from prescribed Excel Templates under the designated heads with year-wise breakup and uploads it in the form of Budget Journals in Budget Type (EFC Budget). This is known as the EFC Budget.
• Uploaded Budgets journals will appear as Un-posted Budget Journals.
• These un-posted budget journals under Budget Type “EFC Budget” would be reviewed by SMD-DDG. In case of any change required during review, same would be communicated to the concerned institute Offline. Once reviewed and confirmed, PIM Cell would consolidate Scheme wise EFC which is then reviewed by ADG-PIM before obtaining final approval of DG-ICAR.
• Discussions with Planning Commission on EFC would be performed offline. Once ceiling is conveyed by Planning Commission/ MoF, Budget journals would be updated by PIM Cell at ICAR HQ and then thoroughly reviewed by ADG-PIM and SMD-DDG.
• These budget journals are captured in Budget Type “EFC Budget” and can be used as future reference in system.


Home Page opens up-NAARM Budget user->EFC budget upload

Screenshots and Steps

Screenshots and Steps

Click on NAARM Budget User then Click on EFC Budget Upload as mentioned above

Entering EFC Budget

Entering EFC Budget

• As soon as you click on EFC Budget Upload, this screen will appear. Select Excel 2000 from the drop down.
• Click on Next.

Entering EFC Budget

As soon as you click on Next, this screen will appear. Click on Next again

Entering EFC Budget 3

• Once you click on Next, the above screen will open
• Click on Create Document which will open a Web ADI template for entering and uploading the EFC Budget in the System.

Entering EFC Budget 4

• Once you click on Create Document, the above screen will open.
• The screen says “ A file will be downloaded to your system”
• Click on OK on Opening WebAdi pop up to open the Web Adi Template where you need to enter the EFC budget.

Entering EFC Budget 5

• Period Name: Enter the period for which budget is going to be entered.
• Segment 1: Enter the Institute for which EFC is going to be entered.
• Segment 2: Enter the fund type in the Segment 2 column
• Segment 3: Enter the scheme for that particular fund type in the scheme.
• Segment 4: Enter the budget account in the segment 4 as listed below.

Account code

• Segment 5: Enter the Division code in Segment 5
• Segment 6 & 7: They are the future values and will default from the system. No need to change the default values.
• Debit: Enter the amount of Budget in the Debit column.
• Once all these values have been entered, click on Oracle and then Upload.

Entering EFC Budget 7

• Select the Option of Flagged Rows
• Flagged Means in front of that row, there is flag symbol ( )
• Click on Upload

Entering EFC Budget

• Once the data is uploaded, system will generate the upload message.
• Click on Close.
• Close the Excel Sheet.

• Once the Data is Uploaded, you need to run Program – Import Journals
• Go to the Navigator
• NAVIGATION: View->Request
• Click on View and then on Request for running a new request.

Entering EFC Budget 9
Type of request

• Click on Submit a New Request
• Click on Single Request
• Click on Ok

Submit Requet

• Enter the Name of the report.
• Enter the parameters for the report as source as spreadsheet.
• Click on OK
• Submit the request
• Once you submit the request, the data will get imported in the system.

Find Requests

• Once you click on Submit, the above screen will appear.
• Click on Find to find your request.

Click on view output

For viewing the output of the report you have submitted, click on View Output.

batch name

• Copy the batch number
• You need to find this journal with this batch name.

Enter Journals

• Go back to the navigator
• Click on Journal
• Click on Enter

Find Journals

Enter the copied batch name here and click on Find

Enter Journals 1

• When you click on find, the above screen will open.
• Click on Post

Concurrent request

• Once you click on post, system will generate a message shown as above
• Click on Ok
• The entry will get posted

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