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Business Process – EFC Item Listing Process

Process overview diagram

Process overview diagram

Process overview

• EFC Listing process has been designed in the system where the approved EFC List will be entered.
• Against the approved EFC List, items will be procured during the EFC Period.
• EFC Linkage with procurement process has been established at Requisition and PO Creation Level
• Item categories captured at Purchase requisition and PO level will be validated against the EFC Item list
• System will not allow the quantity or amount exceeding the quantity and amount mentioned in the EFC Item Listing


Home Page opens up-NAARM Budget user->EFC item Listing

Screenshots and Steps

Click on NAARM Budget User then Click on EFC Item Listing as mentioned above

Screenshot of EFC Item Listing Form

• Once you click on EFC Item Listing Form, the following screen will open.
• In order to search the EFC Item for a particular EFC year, enter the following details.
a) EFC Year: Enter the EFC Year for which the item is to be searched
b) Institute Name: Enter the Institute Name for which the item is to be searched.
c) Sub Scheme: Enter the Scheme name for which the items are to be searched.
d) Head or Item List: You can also search the EFC item with Head or Item List as well.

Finding EFC Item

• Once you click on Find, the following screen opens.
• The following screen will list the EFC Items. EFC Item Listing Form will the following fields:
a) EFC Year: This field will show the current EFC Year
b) Institute Name: This will show the Institute for which EFC Item is there.
c) Item List: This is a free text where the Item to be procured is specified.
d) Source of Fund: This will show the fund type for which EFC Item will be procured.
e) Sub Scheme: Since Source of Fund is Plan, there will be a sub scheme for the same.
f) Division: It shall contain the Division of the Institute where the Item is going to be procured
g) Head: It shall contain the Head to which the Item belongs.
h) Type: It shall reflect the type of item to be procured.

Finding EFC Item Screenshot

i) Quantity Sanctioned: It will show the quantity that has been sanctioned for the purchase
j) Amount Sanctioned: It will show the amount that has been sanctioned for purchase
k) End Date: This Function is used in case you don’t want to purchase the particular item, you can end date that EFC list
l) Substitute: In case you want to buy something else in place of the given EFC Item, this field will be used.
m) Item Status: Item Status can be new or spill over. Spill Over is something carried forward from past years
n) Approval Status: Whether the EFC list is Approved or Provisional will be shown by this field.
o) Quantity/Amount Utilized: It is an auto field which will get updated as soon as the PO is created for that particular Item List.

Creating EFC Listing

For Creating EFC Item listing, click on Create in the Item Search form.

Creating EFC Listing

• Once you click on Create, the above screen will open.
• Enter the details as given below:
a) EFC Year: Enter the EFC Year. As soon as you click on LOV of EFC Year, the current EFC year will default.
b) Institute Name: Enter the Institute Name for which the EFC Item Listing is to be created.
c) Item List: Item List is a free text. Enter the Item which needs to be procured during the EFC Period.
d) Source of Fund: Enter the Fund type under which the item is to be procured.
e) Sub Scheme: For the particular fund type, select the scheme.
f) Division: Enter the name of the Division for which purchases will be made
g) Head: Head will be the heading under which the Item List falls. Select it from the List of values
h) Type: Select the type for the asset entered in the Item List.

i) Quantity Sanctioned: Enter the quantity sanctioned for the purchase. Beyond this quantity, you would not be able to make purchase orders in the EFC Year
j) Amount Sanctioned: Enter the amount sanctioned for the purchase of items.
k) Item Status: Item status can be new or spill over. If it has been carried forward from the last EFC Year, you need to select spill over
l) Approval status: If the EFC Item List is approved, then select the status as approved.

End dating an EFC item List

• In case you want to end date the particular EFC Item List, You can put an end date like as shown in the above screen.
• After putting the end date, you cannot create any purchase order for the said EFC Item List.

Adding Substitute in the EFC Item listing Form

• For adding substitute, you can end date the first EFC item List and can add another line as a substitute against the Item List end dated.
• In case you do not want to purchase the item list and you have amount and quantity unutilized, you can end date it and can add another Item line against some other item to be procured.

In substitute Item list, enter the name of the item list against which the substitute has been created as substitute.

• Enter the name of the Item which has been end dated in the new item list as a substitute.
• Click on Save or (Ctrl+S)

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