Oracle EBS Reporting

Business Process – Non Plan Budgeting Exercise (Estimating Revenue Targets)

Process Overview Description

• Non Plan Budgeting Exercise start with estimating the Revenue Targets.
• Revenue Targets will be decided by the Institutes in the year beginning itself.
• The Institutes will decide about the revenue receipt items, the revenue targets for the year, the revised targets for the year.
• The Institute will decide the revenue targets for the next year as well.
• On the basis of these targets, the budget estimates will be formulated and submitted by the institutes to the Head Quarters


• Go to the Navigator window.
• Responsibility –> Quality
• Results->Entry->Enter Quality Results

Entering Revenue Receipts Targets

• On the Navigator Screen, Click on Results
• Click on Entry
• Click on Enter Quality Results

• .Once you click on Enter Quality Results, the following screen will open.
• Select the Institute for which you want to enter the targets

• Once you select the Institute, the following window will open.
• In that select the collection plan as NAARM (Institute) Revenue Target

• Once you select the NAARM_REVENUE TARGET, the following screen opens.
• Enter the financial year for which you want to enter the revenue targets.
• Select the Revenue receipt item from the list of values and enter the target for the year in the next column.While entering RE in the month of September, revised Targets for the year shall be updated in the fourth column (RE_TARGET_AMOUNT).
• The Targets for the next year will be entered by selecting the next financial year.
• Once you have entered all the details, click on save

Running Revenue Receipt Report

Once you have entered the Revenue Targets, You can run a report named ICAR Revenue Receipts Report (Annexure II)


• Go to the Navigator Screen
• Go to NAARM Budget User Responsibility
• View-Request

Running Report

• Once you click on request, the following screen opens
• Click on submit a New Request
• Click on Single Request
• Click on OK

Running ICAR Revenue Receipt Report

• Once you click on Ok, the following screen opens up
• Enter the Name of the Program “ ICAR Revenue Receipt Report”
• Enter the parameters as Institute Name and the Financial Year

Report Output

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