Reappropriation of Fund by the Head Quarters

Process Overview Description

Process Overview Description

Process Overview 1

• The budget amount can be re-appropriated from one budget head to another budget head.
• In case only one or two re-appropriation are to be made they can be done by Journal Entry
• For this re-appropriation, journal entry shall be passed.


NAARM Budget User- >Enter Journal


Click on Enter Journal


Select the budget account
Select the budget account 2


• In case there are two or more accounts where re-appropriation is to be done, you can use Web Adi
• Navigation: NAARM budget User-> Budget Upload

Budget Upload

• Once you click on Budget Upload,the viewer screen shall open
• Click on Next

Click on Next

• Once you click on next, cntent window shall open
• Click on Next again

Click on Next again


Click on Create Document

Create Document

• Once you click on Create document, the web adi template opens
• Enter the period in which reappropriation is to be made and the budget name for which it is to be made

Amount in debit shows that for this account budget will be increased and in credit shows that for this the budget amount will be reduced

The web adi template opens

• You can make multiple entries in this web adi Template
• Once you have done all the entries, click on oracle and then upload
• Click on flagged rows and then Upload



• Once upload is done, you need to run import journals to import the data in the system
• Go back to navigator screen
• Naarm Budget User Responsibility- >Import Journal

Import Journal


• Once you click on import, the import screen will open
• Enter the source as spreadsheet,ledger as ICAR and selection criteria as specific group id
• Click on Import
• A request ID will get generated


Once the import is done,go to find request screen and open the output for this program

Open the output
All my requests

Once you click on find,the following screen opens Click on View Output

View Output

Copy the batch Name

Copy the batch name


• Go back to the navigator and click on enter journal
• Paste the copied batch name in batch field and click on find

Paste the copied batch name

• Once you click on find, the unposted entry shall be visible
• Click on Post to post the entry in the system

Click on Post

• Once you click on Post, the request id will get generated
• The entry will get posted

The entry will get posted


• The Reappropriation of fund can be done within the same budget heads that is Capital, salary and General.
• The Reappropraition can be done in the same fund type.
• You cannot shift the fund from plan to non plan fund type and vice versa.

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