Oracle EBS Reporting

Running Plan Post RE Report


Once the data has been uploaded, you need to run Plan Post RE Report.


Report manager Responsibility-> Financial Report Submission


Running Plan Post Report

• Once you click on Financial Report Submission, the following screen opens
• Enter the Report name, period as has been explained in above processes
• Click on Segment Override

• Once you click on Segment Override, the following screen opens
• Enter the Institute Code, Fund Type and Scheme code.
• In case you want to run the report on consolidated level, you need not do segment override
• Click on Apply

• Select the template in which you want to view the report
• Click on Next

• Save the file in the folder.
• Click on Next

Running the Report

• Select Repository Management
• Once you click on Repository Management, the following screen opens.
• Select the folder in which you have earlier saved the report
• Click on the report

Report Output

The following output opens.

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