Oracle EBS Reporting

Running Various Non Plan Reports through Report Manager

• For running various report, go to the navigator window.
• Click on View and then Request.

Navigator window

• Once you click on Request, the Find request window opens.
• Click on Submit a New Request
• Click on Single Request.
• Click on OK

• To run Annexure V Report.
• Enter the name of the Report.
• Enter its parameters as Institute Name and Date as 31 August of the year for which you are running the report.

• Once you click on Submit, the request number gets generated.
• Click on NO

• Once you click on No, the following screen opens.
• Click on Find and open the request you have run.

• Once you click on Find, the following screen opens.
• Click on View Output.

Manpower Planning Report

ICAR Provision Expenditure Report

• This Report will show the Name of the SAU alongwith the Provisional Expenditure.
• It will also show the fund which was released to the particular SAU

ICAR Fund Enquiry Report

• This Report will show the source of fund, scheme, budget head, budget, encumbered expenditure.
• It will show the Actual Expenditure and Fund Available as well.

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