Oracle EBS Reporting

Uploading RE For the Current Year and BE for the Next Year


• Now since the RE and BE for next year have been calculated, we need to enter the same into the system
• NAARM BUDGET USER Responsibility-> Budget Upload


Entering Budget for the Current Year

• Once you click on Budget Upload, the following screen shall appear.
• System will take viewer as Excel 2000 by default.
• Then Click on Next

• Once you click on Next, the following screen shall appear.
• Then Click on Next again

• Once you click on Next, the Document Creation Window shall open.
• Then Click on Create Document

• After you click on create document, the excel file shall open.
• In Period Name, enter the Period Name for which you want to enter the data.
• Enter the Budget Name as RE or BE as the case may be from the list of values.

Importing the Budget Uploaded

• After uploading the budget, you need to import the same in General Ledger.
• For importing the budget you have uploaded, go back to the Navigator Screen.
• NAARM Budget User Responsibility->Import Journal

• Once you click on Run, the following screen will appear.
• Fill the Source as Spreadsheet, Ledger as ICAR.
• In Selection Criteria, select Specific Group Id and enter the specific value as 0 and then click on Import.

Running the request to see whether import is done or not

• After clicking on import, go to the main navigator screen.
• Click on View and Request
• Then click on Find.

• Once you click on find, you will be able to see the list of all the requests.
• There you can see the Journal Import Program being run as well.
• Green colour signifies that the program is in process.
• Once it is completed, Click on View Output.

• Once you click on View output, the following screen will open.
• From there copy the batch name for the budget uploaded in order to post the same to General Ledger.

Posting the Budget Entry

• On the main screen, click on Journal and then Enter.
• Once you Click on Enter, Find Journals screen will open. There enter the batch name you have already copied

Posting of Budget to GL

• Once you click on find, the following screen will open which will show the budget upload entry done through Web Adi.
• The entry will show the source, category, period, batch name, journal name, amount for the budget uploaded. You can click on review journal in order to see the entire journal entry.
• Click on Post and the entry will get posted in the General Ledger.

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